Tenant Representation

We think of real estate as a business tool — one that goes beyond just your operational needs to help you enhance your image, attract top talent, and drive profitability.

Tenant representation saves valuable time, energy and money for our clients. That way, they can concentrate on everyday business operations while we bring out the most out of their properties.

Our tenant representation and real estate advisory services cover office, industrial and logistics, retail and hospitality properties. Independent representation allows our clients to choose the most optimal space while receiving a comprehensive and objective picture of the real estate market, without having to compromise.

On average, a company has to make decisions about the property it is using every 3 to 5 years. Whether to stay or leave, or renegotiation of the leasing conditions are all necessary questions to examine. Our professional team not only helps our clients get through this process, but does all they can to bring out the most to the tenant’s advantage. Be it relocation or contract renewal, our advisors and project managers negotiate with the landlord throughout the whole process, they represent the tenant in the most technical questions, and lay down the most optimal terms and conditions. 

Choosing a property is a strategic question

Strategic aspects should be considered when selecting the right site. Before we think about your space requirements, we think about the business needs behind them. Success to us means finding a property – or refurbishing the current one – that meets the suddenly changing business needs and prepares the company for the future. Our aim is to show our clients: a property is a versatile strategic tool that is more than just a simple office space or site.

This unique focus is supported by a complete array of integrated services that cover every stage of the real estate life cycle, from the planning to the transaction to the implementation. These services drive the tactical execution behind our strategic thinking, and they lead directly to solutions that reduce costs, improve operations, and enhance the performance of your workforce.

Office areas or warehouses for all market segments – we will help you find the best fit for you company.