Site Selection

Situation Analysis & Needs Assessment

In the preparatory work phase, we analyze the current situation of your company, its operations, future plans, and objectives. We identify priorities that are important to your business and translate them into real estate scope and create and agenda that needs to be implemented on a property level to achieve those business objectives. We take into consideration all those soft and hard parameters that might have an impact on any real estate decision.

Strategic Planning

We’ll make sure we understand your business goals, and what drives them – where your workforce is located, whether you need flexibility to expand, or what kind of image you want to project. Then, in the context of these goals, we’ll work with you to formulate a real estate strategy to meet them. We’ll help you evaluate your space needs from a work process point of view to make sure you get an efficient, cost-effective solution that fits your unique requirements.

Market Study, Alternatives Analysis & Selection

We’ll consult with your key people about your space requirements, and based on our findings, we’ll identify the various buildings that fit your criteria and budget.

We look at the market in its integrity: our market researchers continuously scan the market for real estates available and update their parameters. In our database, which we make available to our clients, we record every real estate on offer by landlords and brokers. We also do “fieldwork” to complete the project in order to spot off-market opportunities that are not publicized. We solicit offers from the landlords of each potential real estate, which are elaborated in line with the needs of our clients, and analyze and assess them from professional and financial aspects. Upon request we also perform a technical and operating cost audit, and negotiate every crucial and potential detail in advance on behalf of our clients. In this way we can offer them a comprehensive and objective comparison of the solutions represented by the various real estates.

Do you know when you’re likely to run out of space , and do you have a plan to keep that from happening?