Whether a regional logistics provider, a local industrial manufacturer or a multi-let focused professional investor our industrial and logistics team with their experience and network can help you get the most out of your site and building. Central Eastern Europe plays an increasingly important role in handling the east-west and north-south pole traffic of Continental Europe and the available infrastructure, the developed services, the established market players and wide scale of success stories are all guarantees of a seamless operation. Our team is ready and available to assist you with site selection, building appraisals, planning, design, project management, transaction management and renegotiation.

The ever developing road infrastructure and rezoning effort together with the investment incentives each CEE country promotes Central Eastern Europe is the ideal place for industrial and production facilities. We realize that while real estate might be only one of ten or so factors for a decision to locate a facility in one location or another, the other key elements such as geopolitical situation, taxation, availability of qualified and cost effective work force, etc all fall into place in CEE.

Contact us directly to find out which country, region or city might be the right fit for your new site or which existing buildings can be the ideal fit for your manufacturing operation.

World class manufacturing plant in an ideal work environment?

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