Whether downtown sites or shopping mall units, there is an increasing awareness on the importance of the “math and feel” behind retail location decisions. Property owners are more challenged than ever to satisfy increasing tenant expectations. An empty unit might be just be lettable space for a property owner. But for a tenant it is an opportunity to reach and attract customers and turn footfall into transactions with measurable KPIs, such as walk-in ratio, conversion rate, ticket size, average unit retail, units per transaction, revenue per m2, etc.

We possess the capability and the experience of the above unique chemistry to successfully find the best location and property for your business. The requirements of a bank branch tenant are totally different from that of a café operator and it takes knowledge and experience to find the right solution for either one.

With a detailed understanding of the space user requirements and a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of local markets, we can efficiently find the most beneficial framework for a lease or for a property ownership.