Real Estate Investments

Sale and Leaseback

When it comes to financing and monetizing commercial real estate, every organization’s needs are unique — there is no “cookie-cutter” solution. Our capital markets specialists are skilled at taking the value that’s currently locked into your real estate portfolio — whether leased or owned — and unlocking it, thereby freeing up needed capital. We regularly help tenants monetize their long-term leases, often through a sale/leaseback solution that allows them to re-deploy the proceeds elsesswhere in the company.

Depending on your situation, we’ll tailor a solution that makes the most of your real estate assets, not just for your operational needs, but to optimize capital performance, weighing all pertinent factors —including your credit rating, earnings, debt covenants, and tax situation — in the process.

Once we’ve determined the best financial structure for the facility in question, we have a wide range of capital sources at our disposal, both in the traditional real estate markets and in the wider corporate finance markets — pension funds, life insurance companies, REITs, high-net-worth individuals, etc.

But regardless of how we arrange your financing, our first thought is always for your operations — for the actual purpose the building needs to fill. We have the deep knowledge and long experience it takes to align the financing to the purpose — rather than vice-versa.


In case of favorable real estate market conditions and a clear corporate strategy, investing into owned real estate can be a justified risk-reward approach. Whether it is a site development and expansion program or part of a balanced investment strategy, we assist you in identifying the right properties and the most adequate financial structures. We evaluate investment options with you and assist you in the purchase and development process, every step of the way.

Do you have significant capital invested unproductively in real estate, and could that capital be better used  elsewhere in your business?