Our Services

We support companies in acquiring and leasing commercial real estate so they can concentrate on their own business. This way, our clients can rest assured that their property is the best choice based on the company’s location, amenities and facility needs and that it operates with the most optimal costs.

The visualization, planning, design, construction, and fitting out of your new workspace is not something you should undertake alone. Our project management team is your assurance that ihappens in a creative, timely, and cost-effective way.

As generations and technology are evolving and day-to-day work changes constantly at every company, we all place more and more emphasis on creating an ideal working environment for our employees. The place where we spend at least one-third of our days should be both inspiring and technologically advanced so the company can attract and retain key talent.

Office, manager, googling, word-of-mouth... All known and proven methods for unsuccessful property findings. We believe that the ideal property will come across if the client’s requirements are thouroughly evaluated, their long-term needs are taken into consideration, and the whole market is covered during the search process. We are up-to-date, we are aware of the off-the-market options. Our clients can rest assured that they will find the most ideal solution out off all available options.

<br /> An average lease contract has dozens of special items that fundamentally determine whether the lease relationship is advantageous for the tenant. We will show you all of these items and help you us these for your advantage.<br />

Tőkepiaci szakértőinkkel segítséget nyújtunk abban, hogy cége mobilizálni tudja ingatlanban lekötött tőkéjét, vagy éppen szabad tőkéjét ingatlanba fektesse.

With a highly trained and skilled team of professionals who have proven, hands-on management experience in the most important roles of hospitality and real estate operations, we assist operators to find the right building opportunities, developers to find the right combination of financing and professional management, lenders who became owners to find the best interim solution for their assets and investors to find the best points of entry at the right terms and conditions.

Does your space fit with your business strategy?