Maison Bistro & Hotel


Key Buda Location, Heritage building modern practical, Profitable operates well


17-room boutique hotel


17 Országház Street, Budapest

High quality boutique hotel from a baroque peasant’s house

Maison Bistro & Hotel’s owner wanted to increase his successful hospitality portfolio with a new hotel investment, but did not have the necessary hotel industry know-how to take on such a challenge.
It was important a professional team support who had practical experience in hotel field – have opened hotels, understand hotel operations requirements, and have worked on heritage-listed buildings – from the early planning phase, and whom he trusted with this special project. Many of other candidates with hospitality background were competing, our team was chosen for the project management of the hotel construction and opening based on the trusted relations and deep experience we were able to showcase.



The 300-year-old heritage-listed house located in the Buda Castle District’s oldest street to be transformed into hotel. The aim was to have a building that reflects the envisioned hotel service and room mix, operates well, and is profitable. The historical milieu created an exclusive atmosphere that perfectly matched the hospitality requirements and the hotel‘s unique character. While preserving the values, a modern, practical, and liveable interior was formed out of the building, with functions of hotel, bistro and event venue, wine cellar. The building’s features played a great role in dealing with the challenges during the work processes. These couldn’t be neglected during the planning, nor the construction phase. Our project managers presence was fundamental in coordinating Maison’s key stakeholders‘ expectations and meet their requirements.

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