Lufthansa Systems

Lufthansa Systems is a leading IT provider in the aviation industry. In Hungary the firm has been present since 1995, now developing applications and IT solutions with hundreds of engineers for its international aviation clients.


1,4 Mn EUR saved, Uninterrupted operations, New fit-out


8.000 m2


Infopark and RiverPark, Budapest

Cost-effective solution for a high-standard working environment

Due to its dynamic growth, the company accommodated employees in two separate buildings in Infopark, an office campus specialized for ITC tenants. Besides optimizing the office and the working environment, the objective was to find a cost-effective solution for a high-standard working environment.



During the lease period, the buildings moved under two different ownership with two different business strategies. Although the market was still affected by the post-crisis situation, putting the tenants at an advantage, relocation options were still limited due to the lack of new developments.
Out of the more than ten possible options, we compared offers from the two best solutions versus staying in Infopark. Outcome was that a new agreement was signed with the current landlord, in which the tenant achieved a considerable reduction in the rent plus a new fit-out fully covered by the landlord.

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