IKB Leasing

As a German equipment financing specialist, Hamburg-based IKB Leasing has been offering financing services for investments in physical assets in the manufacturing and processing industry in Hungary since 1999. Our firm was engaged to assist the client in their objective to continue to assure top-quality working conditions for its employees with more favorable lease terms.


60.000 EUR saved, Undisrupted business, Flexible lease terms


600 m2


Csalogány Street, Budapest

Top-quality working conditions with more favourable lease terms

IKB Leasing put the emphasis on undisrupted business and cost savings.
The location, quality, and amenities of the office used so far met those needs, but a rent reduction was inevitable to follow market trends. The possibility of relocation was also considered, but their location in the centre of Buda continued to be a priority in order to retain their employees.



After exploring few alternatives, we set ourselves the goal to hammer out a financial arrangement as favourable as possible from the current landlord.
As a result of our successful negotiations, IKB Leasing could renew their lease agreement for the existing office, achieving the desired savings in rent and the option to prolong the lease agreement.

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