AMC Networks International – Central Europe

AMC Networks Central Europe is a subsidiary of AMC Networks which is present in 140 countries of the world, broadcasting entertainment programs and movie content. In Hungary AMC Central Europe produces its own programs in a lease studio facility, and oversees its entire operation of Central Europe from an exclusively leased office building in Budapest.


200.000 EUR saved, Uninterrupted operations, Flexible expansion of the studio


1,800 m2 studio and 2,000 m2 offices/technical rooms


District 13, Váci Road (office) and Rákospalota, non-central Pest (studio)


The challenge was to run two projects parallel without hiccups, renegotiation of the office lease based on our market study and tendering and renegotiating the studio lease. Regarding the studio lease we set ourselves the goal of achieving enough savings for the expansion of the studio while assuring that the operations of the studio would not be disrupted.



The biggest challenge was to negotiate hard as possible to achieve the targets meantime maintain the good relationship with the landlord.
The office lease negotiation was successfully closed with the significant renovation agreed to be covered by the landlord. While on the studio running a tender process on a niche market, then achieving maximum rent reduction while securing the space for the next mid-term period and strictly eliminating any disruptions risks.
The public utilities expenses audit highlighted that a considerable saving can be achieved besides finding several overlaps and unclear costs. Setting up a new and transparent billing system cleared all unnecessary expenses, and a comparative market research helped convince the landlord to accept a lower rent and incentive scheme more aligned with market prices.

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