August 2017

  Our colleagues are not only masters of the real estate market, but have a great talent for water sports as well. Our market experts performed fabulously at the recently ending 17th FINA Master World Championships swimming events and water polo games. Managing Director, Valter Kalaus reached stunning results in the 45-49 age group, collecting 7 medals and new records. Senior Project Manager, Miklós Tóth-Deme finished in 4th place in the 40+ category with his water polo team, Oázis SC. Valter Kalaus decided just one year ago to enter the FINA Masters Championships’ swimming events, recently organized in Budapest. The Seoul Olympics participant and former junior European champion prepared for the games with steadfast determination, which brought incredible results: he collected seven medals from all seven events. Kalaus performed with such skillful ease, reaching records - 100 m freestyle world record, 200